Glory In Tribulation

Romans 5:3-5

What does Glory mean? – Take great pride or pleasure in.

What does Tribulation mean? – A cause of great trouble or suffering.

What does Hope mean? – A feeling of expectation


I heard the lord speak to me and began to share how we are to “Glory In Tribulation”. I said Lord give me the revelation of your word and he had me to turn Romans 5:3-5. Our hope does not disappoint or bring us to shame because it is based in the reality of God and his promises. The activity of God among us produces hope. V. 3-4, where Paul says that trials, borne while God is apart of our lives, produces perseverance, character and hope. Because of this hope a person is never embarrassed through failure because God, who is our hope, never fails. God loves us, and he communicates his love to us through his instruction, fellowship and discipline.

Read 1 John 3:1 (Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not.)


We glory in tribulation – all the sufferings we endure for the testimony of our Lord are so sanctified to us by his grace, that they become powerful instruments of increasing our happiness. The tribulation of the saints is many and various, through the hatred of the world, the temptations of satan, our own corruptions. The afflictions are means of promoting patience, experience and hope. I know all of us may be experiencing “Crushing” in some way while on this journey with Christ. The bible tells us to “Glory In Tribulation” because it’s working perservance that we can endure hardship as good soldiers as 2 Timothy 2:3 states. We do have a promise the father has given that we can glory in he said “Many are the afflictions of the righteous but he will deliver us out of them all” Psalms 34:19. He promised that he will deliver he won’t leave us for dead. He will deliver!!!!! We have to have the hope that the father is coming to rescue us at his appointed time.


Jesus said in Job 23-:14 “For he performs what is appointed for me” purposes of God relating to Job, to his person, case, and circumstances, throughout the whole course of his life: and indeed all things relating to every individual person, as to him, are appointed of God; and whatever he appoints he performs: all things relative to our temporal life, the birth of person into the world, and our continuance in it; all the incidents in life, the places of our abode, our employments, callings, and occupations; our riches and poverty, prosperity and adversity; all our  afflictions, and which Job has a special regard to, their measure and duration, and the end and use of them; and even death itself, which closes all things here, that is appointed of God, the time and circumstances of it. It is appointed by God so we must glory in tribulation.


God by his providence governs the world, and has determined particular things and operations to particular times. In those times such things may be done with propriety and success; but if we neglect the appointed seasons, we sin against this providence, and become the authors of our own distresses.